In Loving Memory...

Our sweet Lucy was the chief of security since she was a puppy. She loved kids, cats, adventuring in the woods, and napping on the office rug. Our pretty girl will always be missed. -MTVPC Staff

‚ÄčWalker was my everything, dog of my heart, dog of a lifetime. I could go on and on about how smart he was, how big a heart and gentle a soul he had. I could brag about all of the titles and awards he earned. He was a show dog, a bird dog and an obedience dog. But, more than all of that, he was my best friend. Forever in our Hearts, Marsha and Bill Fuzia

Bitty was a registered border collie. She worked cattle like no other! She would have all of them lined up and facing the same direction. When she retired at age 4, I brought her home and she would herd the other dogs along the fence and keep them in order. She was the best and will forever be in my heart. Love you and miss you Girl. -Liz

This page is dedicated to the memories and pictures of our special friends. Please feel free to submit a short paragraph and/or photo sharing a happy memory or story about your beloved pet. You may send your stories and/or pictures to Please include your pets name and please allow seven days for your sentiments to publish.

Mountain View Pet Crematory

Our beautiful girl, Sadie. She was loving, loyal, and never met a stranger. We were blessed to have you for 12 wonderful years.  Run free from age and illness, we love you.

Kris, Elaine, Jess and Drake